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What is a transformation service

The INSPIRE Directive provides, beyond visualization and download research services, even the conversion services (Transformation Services). These services can be classified in different areas of functionality: services that transform data formats; for example from one owner to GML format; services that transform logic diagrams; services that transform the data reference systems. In particular, the coordinate transformation one (CTS, Coordinate Transformation Service) is one of the geometric transformation services listed in the Directive and necessarily required by the Member States in the same infrastructure.

The implemented features are two:

• Application WEB: allows to make the conversion of files or lists of coordinates via web browser. The Web module is accessible via the coordinate conversion page of GN;
•  WCTS Application: coordinate transformation web service (WCTS) in OGC standard that allows to convert coordinates of vector objects GML – Geography Markup Language exchanged via XML.

The applications provided by the GN allow to make coordinate transformations throughout the country employing high precision and certificates grids, provided by the Military Geographic Institute (IGM)for transformations.

The WCTS Service (Web Coordinate Transformation Service) allows you to make conversions of reference systems on vector data. Unlike the Web module, the processing takes place in real time. The service is adhering to the Implementation Rules of the INSPIRE Directive for the coordinate transformation services; in particular, the service is developed according to the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) specifications as implementation (AP, Application Profile) of the web development services (WPS Web Processing Service). According to the specification, the data to be processed must be described in GML and transactions with the server should be via XML.

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