• coordinate conversion service

The coordinate conversion service

The module WEB data conversion allow you to make the conversion of the files or lists of coordinates via web browser. The user can send the data to be converted to the conversion server. The system is designed for processing large files and therefore operates in a distinct manner depending on the input: in the case you send to the server individual or lists of coordinates, these are processed instantly, and if you wish to develop raster files or vector, the operation is delayed.
The applications provided by the GN allow coordinate transformations throughout the country employing high precision and certificates grids, provided for conversions by the Military Geographic Institute – IGM.
This page allows users to convert between the most common geodetic reference systems, geographic and projected, used in Italy, such as Rome 1940, ED50, ETRS89 in the realization ETRF89 and ETRS89 in the realization ETRF2000.
NOTE: The Global Reference System (ETRS89) in the realization ETRF89 is referred sometimes to, with the “WGS84” acronym. This mention, even if not entirely own, is more common and does not involve any errors as the only realization of the Reference Global System really usable in the national territory, constituted by the network IGM95, is expressed, until today, in the realiation ETRF89.
It is possible to transform single points, lists of points, vector files (shapefiles) and raster (ascii .asc, floating point .flt, tiff and jpeg with relative .tfw and .jpw).

In addition to the web module, you can also use the WPS service conversion, a web service of the coordinate conversion (WCTS) in OGC standard that allows you to convert coordinates of vector objects GML – Geography Markup Language exchanged via XML.

Technical specifications of the conversion service

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