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    Geographical databases of the main protected natural areas

Activities for the protection of biodiversity

The focus of the Direction for the Protection of Nature is on the conservation of natural areas that still remain undisturbed ecosystem matrices. Through the protection and enhancement of these areas may be taken concrete steps to protect nature and manage rationally the territory and its resources.

The preservation of the different ecosystems identity, habitat conservation and plants and animals protection contribute to the goals of biodiversity protection that humanity has set for the future.

In this direction an important contribution comes from the Project Nature that contains geographical databases conducted by the Direction of Nature Protection of protected natural areas IGM that which can be consulted even contextually to the cartographic bases (IGM, orthophotos) and thematic data available on the NG.

Protected Areas Registered in the list of Official Protected Areas (PAROPA)

Established under Law 394/91 “Framework law on protected areas“, the official list currently in force is on the 6th Update approved by Resolution of the State of the Regions 24.7.2003 and published in Ordinary Supplement No 144 to the Official Gazette No 205, 4.9.2003. According to law 394/91 protected areas are divided into National Parks, Marine Protected Natural Areas, Marine Nature Reserves, State Nature Reserves, Parks and Nature Regional Reserves.

National parks are made up of land, river, lake or sea areas. They has one or more ecosystems intact or even partially altered by human intervention, or any natural formations, geological, geomorphological, biological, major international or national natural values, scientific, aesthetic, cultural, educational and recreational services. The State preserves them for present and future generations.

The regional and inter-regional natural parks are made up of land, river, lake and the sea near the coast with natural and environmental value. They constitute, within one or more regions, a homogeneous system, identified by natural assets of the places, the landscape values and artistic and cultural traditions of local populations.

The reserves consist of natural land, river, lake or sea with one or more naturalistically important flora and faun. They have one or more ecosystems important for biodiversity or for the conservation of genetic resources. Nature reserves may be state or regional basis to the relevance of the elements in nature they represented.

The Natural Marine Protected Areas are established under the Law 979 of 1982 and No 394, 1991. They consist of marine environments, waters, seabed and stretches of coast with a significant natural, geomorphological, physical, biochemical interest. The natural marine protected areas have a particular regard to marine and coastal flora and fauna for the scientific, ecological, cultural, educational and economic importance. They may be given by a Marine with significant historical, archaeological, environmental and cultural.

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