• Project Hermon

    A modern and effective mapping tool of analysis of confiscated assets from organized crime

A Geo-Monitoring Integrated System of Territorial Confiscated Assets

To Adopt a modern and effective mapping tool of analysis of confiscated property, tended to support the management, the destination and re-use of confiscated property. This is the goal that the National Agency had set for the management and destination of the seized and confiscated assets from organized crime (ANBSC) and has begun to reach through the pilot project initiative Hermon.

In this regard, the Agency has sought to establish an integrated system of geo-monitoring conforms to the standards and rules in force, intended in the first instance, to local governments in order to assist in the identification of possible initiatives enjoyment of confiscated property and in a future perspective, the establishment of a national information resources for the benefit of the community.

This heritage is accessible to the site http://hermon.anbsc.it

The initiative started with a pilot project in Campania, which took place between October and November of 2015. The initialization and the initial peopling of the system implemented was the case with the appropriate geo-survey campaign conducted in the municipality of Castel Volturno and surrounding municipalities such Giugliano in Campania, Gate and Arnone, Mondragone, Villa Literno.
The project, co-funded by the European Union, comes under Objective 2.7 of the Safety PON “confiscated property – improving the goods confiscated from organized crime management”, it was carried out in partnership with the Office of the Special Plan for the Implementation of the Remote Sensing Ministry of Environment, Protection of Land and Sea and the National Geoportal.

Why Hermon?

The Geo-Spatial Monitoring Integrated System of Confiscated Assets meets several requirements, in particular, serves to:

  • to know the area that receives the immovable property and which is inseparably connected;
  • to detect as soon as possible, to the detection of its intended use, the critical issues that involve him;
  • to extend, collect, systematize, share and publish information and stories of the seized property, confiscated and addressed.

What is ANBSC

The National Agency for the management and destination of the goods seized and confiscated from organized crime (ANBSC) is an authority with legal personality under public law, which has financial and organizational autonomy and is placed under the supervision of the interior Minister. The structure has its main headquarters in Reggio Calabria, with branch offices in Rome, Palermo, Milan and Naples.

The Agency’s main purpose is to provide for the administration and allocation of the assets seized and confiscated from the crime, as a result of final confiscation, and assist the judicial administrator under the direction of the Judicial Authority under sequestration until the seizure of the first able, after which takes the direct management of the same goods.

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