• Project Blazes

    The mapping AIB (Anti Forest Fires) of the Geoportal to support the implementation of forest fire plans of national parks

Project Blazes – Cartography Fire Fighting Wooded (FFW) of National Parks

The Direction for Nature Protection and Sea of the Ministry for the Environment Territory and Sea (DNPM / METS) is directly interested in the issue of forest fires in implementation of Art. 8 of Law 21 November 2000, n. 353 “FRAMEWORK LAW ON FOREST FIRES.”

Since the entry into force of the law, the DNPM / METS promoted and is promoting a series of activities of technical and scientific support through contacts with managers and agreements with scientific and environmental organizations to monitor and support the work of manager institutions in the drafting and implementation of approved AFF Plans (Anti Forest Fires Plans), activity mainly focused on the prediction and fire prevention, as stated in the art. 8 of the framework law on the forest fires L. 353/2000.

A summary about the AFF DNPM / METS activities and the all documentation of AFF national parks and State Nature Reserves is shown on the same site METS www.minambiente.it/NATURA/aree naturali protette/attività antincendi boschivi , regurarly updated.

In this project, the maps available from the AFF METS is a concrete contribution to the better preparation and management of forest fire plans of national parks, provided by current legislation (Law 353/2000), as the cartographic information is overlapped between them, with other themes and with the basic maps and orthophotos, on-line on the National Geoportal. You can have more information about the “Project Blazes”, in the published version on the National Cartographic Portal in 2010, on the on-line magazine Foresta@: http://www.sisef.it/forest@/-vol. n. 7 (2010) – Rapporti tecnici e di progetto.

In particular in this section of the National Geoportal there is a new version of the Project Blazes, where anyone can find information about areas of national parks, which are necessary for the activities and planning of AFF resulting from the following projects:

With the first project, which is made up of two phases, by the Company Botanica Italiana, has started an activity to support the AFF planning of National Parks (NP) and State Natural Reserves (SNR). The study highlighted the difficulties of antifire planning in the PN resulting from necessary according to the law 353/2000, the guidelines of Civil Protection (Decree 20 December 2001 – OJ No 48 of 26.02.2002) and the “Plan of the activities of forecasting, prevention and active struggle against forest fires in natural protected state areas” of the DNPM / METS 2002. For this reason, the frame of reference of 2002 for the National Parks was updated in 2009.

Therefore, the DNP has engaged the Interuniversity Research Center “Biodiversity, Ecology and phytosociology Landscape” to pursue these activities of technical scientific support. With a “help desk portal” that provides online to the National Parks documents and cartographic knowledge useful for their planning activities AFF.

With the second project, another important element of knowledge was given: the location (experimental Perimetration) of past fires (period from 2001 to 2005). Indeed, The knowledge of the factors (causes, frequency, location, etc..) that characterize the complex phenomenon of fires in an specific area that, in our case, coincides with the state-protected area, or national parks , was a crucial factor for the AFF plans formulation.

The project, realized in 2006/2007 with a special agreement between the Ministry for the Environment, Territory and Sea – Direction of Nature Protection (DNPS) and the National Research Council – Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment-(NRC-IESE), has checked successfully the possibility and feasibility to locate and set out the perimeter of the fires occurred in National Parks through the analysis and processing of satellite images. This Project is published in the page of the Ministry website.

AFF mapping, resulting from these studies and listed below in the new version of the “Project Blazes”, c an be improved and exceeded with next territorial studies of equivalent or greater detail, by the agencies of DNPS / METS or any other institutions.

AFF themes in the National Parks

  • “Red” zone, priority for the prevention AFF;
  • General fire risk (the most important for the sole NP between two following);
  • Summer fires risk;
  • Winter fires risk;
  • Models of fuel;
  • Experimental Perimeter survey of fires by satellite (2001-2005);
  • Parts of habitats with an high fire risk.

Mapping support (time 32 and 33)

  • National Parks (NP);
  • National Parks (NP) – zoning;
  • State Natural Reserves (SNR);
  • SIC
  • ZPS;
  • Vegetation;
  • Corine Land Cover 2000 level IV;
  • Administrative boundaries (regional, provincial, local);
  • Coloured Ortophotos (2006);
  • Road
  • Hydrography
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