• PON Projects

    Safety measures for removing the obstacles created by organized crime to free competition between companies

What are the PON projects

The MoE, as beneficiary institution, has contributed to several projects within the “Programma Operativo Nazionale (PON) Sicurezza per lo Sviluppo, Obiettivo Convergenza 2007-2013”.

The projects are part of Axis I – Security  for economic and business freedom – aimed at achieving a “more favorable economic life” through the removal of “obstacles to free business competition created by organized crime”. The achievement of this goal involves the construction of security actions and through “the fight against the aggression of the crime to production facilities (urban and suburban areas, industrial areas) and the communication infrastructure (major roads, ports, airports), both curbing the distortive phenomena of the free business competition (counterfeit brands or products) in order to promote a high degree of competitiveness and a general improvement in the standard and quality of living, in addition to the harmonious, balanced and sustainable development of economic activities. “

These projects function as system, that are designed to promote cross-regional initiatives whose implementation is entrusted to bodies and institutions at the central level and have territorial jurisdiction as the 4 convergence regions: Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily. Under the responsibility of the General Command of the Carabinieri, are part of the scope dell’Obiettivo Operativo 1.3 – tutelare il contesto ambientale – which includes the following activities:

  • non-invasive Video-surveillance technology projects for the protection of the environment;
  • implementation and development of other monitoring systems to enhance the fight against environmental crime with particular reference to the waste sector, unauthorized construction and pollution;
  • experimenting with innovative tools for controlling, monitoring and prevention of irregularities relating to the disposal of urban and industrial waste, water pollution, of the sea, the illegal exploitation of quarries and other crimes against property and environmental commodities;
  • experimenting innovative tools for combating the phenomenon of illegal construction and the related “cycle of concrete” (even with the use of innovative techniques for sensing and monitoring);
  • implementation of network systems between partners involved in control activities and monitoring of environmental crime. 

These are the projects in which the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Territory and Sea has competition as the beneficiary institution:

  • PON – MIADRA (to improve the ability of observation and land control for the Prevention linked to environmental crimes and ecomafia phenomena);
  • PON – MAMPIRA (to strengthen the system of prevention of environmental crimes perpetrated to the detriment of Marine Protected Areas (MPA), To inform and convey to the people the culture of participation in the prevention in order to freely enjoy the natural heritage);
  • PON – MIAPI (to implement a public competition in the planning and realization of measures taken to reclaim and environmental reactivation of polluted sites).
Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare