• The National Council Environmental and Territorial Information

    The coordinating body between public authorities that produces spatial data sets

Why the Consult

The Art. 11 of Legislative Decree no. 32/2010 establishing among the Ministry of the National Council for Spatial Information and Environmental purpose of the direct coordination of all stakeholders contributions to the effective functioning of the different levels of national infrastructure administration for spatial information and environmental monitoring “.

The mode of operation of the National Council for territorial and environmental information are defined in the Council of Ministers President’s Decree of 12th January, 2016. The consult ensures the institutional connection between the public authorities that produce spatial data sets and technical direction for the preparation of the measures of the Minister of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea to the national infrastructure functioning for the territorial and environmental monitoring information (Article 2). The Council is made up of the following components:

• two MATTM representatives, one, identified by the Minister, holds the charge of President;

• one representative for:

  • Military Geographical Institute;
  • Hydrographic Navy Institute;
  • aeronautical geotopographic information center – CIGA;
  • Revenue agency – Central Land Registry Directorate and cartography;
  • ISPRA – Geological Survey.

• one representative for each of the regions and autonomous provinces;

• a representative of the Ministry of Defence;

• a representative of the Ministry of Education, University and Research;

• a representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport;

• a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry;

• a representative of the Ministry of goods and cultural activities and tourism;

• a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development;

• a representative of the Ministry of Health;

• a representative of the Minister for Regional Affairs;

• a representative from ISPRA;

• a representative of ISTAT – National Statistical Institute;

• a representative of the Department of Civil Protection of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers;

• a representative of the Agency for Digital Italy;

• a representative of the Union of Italian Provinces (UPI);

• a representative of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI);

• a representative of the Interregional Centre for IT systems, geographical and statistical (CISIS).

In the context of the General Council are enabled six technical sections presided over by a Coordinator identified by the section itself; the work of the technical sections can participate in, besides the members of the Council, also expressly invited technical experts.

Technical Section1 – Table section of cooperation connection between the national and local level for the realization of the national infrastructure for spatial information and environmental monitoring.

• Technical Section 2 – Metadata

• Technical Section 3 – Data Specifications

• Technical Section 4 – Network Services

• Technical Section 5 – Sharing data and services

• Technical Section 6 – Monitoring and reporting

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