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Maintenance and Implementation

In the meeting of  the  2013, April 8th, the INSPIRE Committee decided to form a group of experts composed of representatives of National Contact Points (National Contact Point) called Group for the Retention and Implementation of INSPIRE (INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group – MIG). The tasks of the MIG INSPIRE are:

  • to share experiences and best practices regarding the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and Implementing procedures;
  • identify and address priority issues related to the management of the INSPIRE Directive, the implementing regulations and / or technical guidelines;
  • identify issues related to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive such as the technologies, standards, methodologies, etc. and support the Commission on the way to resolve them;
  • preparing and updating the program of work for the maintenance and implementation of INSPIRE to be approved by the INSPIRE Committee and the Commission.

The MIG, formally established in October of 2013, is structured in two permanent sub-groups: the MIG-T subgroup that focuses on purely technical issues and MIG-P, which focuses on issues related to policy aspects of the implementation. In addition, there is the formation of additional temporary subgroups related to particular needs that arise within the Work Programme (Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme – MIWP).
Depending on the needs and topics they may also be involved experts from the community of stakeholders involved in the maintenance and implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

In order to share information and documents on the current activities it was made a collaborative platform (MIG Collaboration Platform). This collaboration platform opened for reading  only to the public, is used by members of MIG and its subgroups for the technical and organizational discussions concerning the INSPIRE Directive.

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