• Floods Directive

Floods Directive

The Directive 2007/60/CE (Floods Directive) aims to “establish a framework for the assessment and management of flood risks, aiming at reducing the adverse consequences for human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity associated with floods within the Community. “In line with the  international standards of river basin management already incurred by Directive 2000/60/CE (WFD), the Floods Directive promotes a specific approach for the management of flood risks and substantial and coordinated action at Community level.

The ultimate aim of the Directive is to provide member states of management plans for flood risk covering all aspects of risk management, and in particular “the prevention, protection and preparedness, including flood forecasting and early warning system“. The directive has also the intent to promote, within the Community policies, the integration of a high level of environmental protection into the lad planning, according to the sustainable development standards.

The achievement of the objective goes through three fundamental stages:

  • Preliminary assessment of flood risk (art. 4);
  • Elaboration of hazard maps and flood risk (art. 6);
  • Preparation of management plans for flood risk (art. 7).

The duty to comply with these provisions is entrusted to the river basin districts provided for the Directive 2000/60 / EC. The information collected and processed in each of the three phases must be consistent with the relevant information submitted in accordance with Directive 2000/60 / EC (art. 9), made available to the public and communicated by Member States to the Commission (Article 10, art. 15). The periodic review and possible updating of the plans every six years allows you to adjust the flood risk management by “taking into account the likely impact of climate change on the occurrence of floods” (art. 14).

Relevant entities

The Directive 2007/60 / EC has been implemented in the Italian Law with the Legislative Decree 49/2010, taking into account the applicable national legislation, in particular the Legislative Decree 152/2006 (Italian transposition of Directive 2000 / 60 / EC) and the Prime Minister’s Decree DPCM 29 september 1998.

The competence for the preparation of preliminary assessments, the development of hazard and risk maps and the preparation of management plans is entrusted to the Basin Authority district (art. 3) pursuant to of Legislative Decree 152/2006, in accordance with the activities of preparation of the Hydrogeological System Plan already carried out.

Regions, in coordination with each other and with the Department of Civil Protection, have the responsibility of preparing the management plans for the river basin district of reference relating to national and regional warning system for flood risk for the purposes of civil protection (article 3).

However, pending the establishment of the district River Basin Authority with the Decree 219/2010 (art.4)

complying with his obligations under the Legislative Decree 49/2010 is temporarily transferred to the Basin Authority of national importance, of the L. 183/1989, and the regions, each one for the part of the territory under its jurisdiction.

Basin Authority of national relevance perform the function of coordination within the river basin district to which they belong in order to prepare the planning instruments.

Within each district,  acts involved in the formalities are approved by the institutional and technical committees of the National Basin Authority, supplemented by members appointed by the regions located in the area of the river basin district.

Information and public participation

Communication and Public participation in drawing up contingency plans for flood risk management in accordance with Directive play a strategic role in terms of sharing and legitimacy of the plans. Therefore, the Legislative Decree 49/2010 transposes and underlines this role by providing (art. 10) that the authorities of the basin districts and regions pertaining to the river basin, in coordination between themselves and with the national Department of Civil Protection, each in their skills, make available to the public the preliminary flood risk assessment, hazard maps and flood risk management plans and flood risk. The same authorities encourage the active involvement in the production, review and updating of management plans of all relevant actors involved.

The Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea informs  the European Commission of decisions reached concerning the transitional measures (Article 11, paragraphs 1,2 and 3) and makes available, to the public and the European Community, information relating to preliminary assessment, hazard and risk maps and management plans for flood risk on the National Geoportal (formerly national Cartographic Portal) already National Access Point to territorial and environmental information  for the INSPIRE Directive ( 2007/2/EC transposed by Decree 32/2010 ).

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