Frequently asked questions

I uploaded a new service (eg color orthophotos or IGM), but on the cartography it can see only administrative boundaries. Why?

Some mapping services are only visible at certain scales. If the scale is set to irrelevant values, the service will not be visible on the map. The following layers are subject to the display limits and only visible within the scale values indicated:

IGM 250.000 1:1.000.000 -> 1:1
IGM 100.000 1:500.000 -> 1:1
IGM 25.000 1:100.000 -> 1:1
Ortophoto B/N year 1994 1:80.000 -> 1:1
Color ortophoto year 2000 1:80.000 -> 1:1
Color ortophoto year 2006 1:80.000 -> 1:1
Color ortophoto year 2008 1:80.000 -> 1:1
Toponym 1:20.000 -> 1:1

Setting higher scale values the specified layers are not visible.

In what frame of reference are published data from the National Geoportal?

All vector data of the National Geoportal are in WGS 84; all the raster data are a WGS 84 UTM 32 or 33, depending on the region. As for the Lidar data, all the products refer to ellipsoidal altitude, except for the points x y z that are orthometric height. The viewer of the National Geoportal uses the WGS 84 UTM 33.

Can you reuse the data of the National Geoportal?

All of the National Geoportal data, with the exception of orthophotos, are public information and are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Italy Licence. Anyone wishing to reproduce or publish processed containing the data of the National Geoportal has the obligation to comply with the restrictions set out in that license.

Can you use data from other institutions in the Geoportal?

In the viewer, in the Tools menu – submenu services, the user has the option to enter ArcGIS services and / or WMS from other data infrastructures.

What are the FAQ?

The Frequently Asked Questions, better known by the acronym FAQ, are literally the “frequently asked questions”; more exactly are a number of answers drawn directly from the author, in response to questions put to him, or who believes would put him, most frequently by the users of a certain service is in the presence of a third-party cookies.

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