• Download Services

What is a Download Service

A Download Service or Download “allows you to download copies of spatial data sets or a part of them and, where practicable, accessed directly” (Directive 2007/2 / EC).
The databases available on the download service are in vector or raster format.
Vector data: are made up of simple elements such as points, lines and polygons, encoded and stored on the basis of their coordinates. Each element is associated with an information database record containing all the attributes of the object selected.
Raster data: are composed of pixel matrices (also called cells), generally of square or rectangular shape. The size of the pixels, generally expressed in the unit of the paper (centimeters, meters, kilometers etc.), Is closely related to the precision of the data.

The Download Services (download) made available by the National Geoportal are:
WFS services for vector data;
WCS, for raster data service.

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