What is a discovery service

A Search Service allows “to search for spatial data sets and services provided based on the content of the corresponding metadata and to display the content of the metadata” (Directive 2007/2 / EC).
The INSPIRE guidelines for the implementation of Research Services recommended that this service is implemented using the OGC ™ (Open Geospatial Consortium Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.2 – ISO Metadata Application Profile for CSW 2.0).
The CSW (Catalog Service for the Web) supports the ability to publish and search for descriptive information, the metadata for spatial data sets and services. The metadata can be queried and displayed by both the man or software for their use.

With the National Geoportal Search Service can enable searching of data relating to a geographical area, from the regional level to the municipal level, and each of which contains information about the metadata, identification, distribution and quality of data. It is also possible to graphically display the data and the content of the information associated with the same data.

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