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What is AI3D

Ambiente Italia 3D (AI3D) is a three-dimensional simulator of the Italian territory developed in conjunction with the PST-A and conceived as a tool to support decision-making policy and land-use planning. It offers a detailed three-dimensional representation of the territory, in its morphological and physiographic set-up, useful for the identification and analysis of morphoevolutive phenomena that may impact on anthropic activities.

The viewer allows you to overlay layers of information to the three-dimensional model from the database of the National Geoportal or from other administrations databases through interoperability standard protocols (WMS).

This gives all the spatial information shared from public databases, the vision of the third dimension, promoting a more accurate reading and analysis. Regarding the environmental and hydro geological risk, it is essential having the use of a base three-dimensional map to identify the direction of evolution and the extension of instability phenomena and to evaluate the possible interaction with the anthropogenic system.

Ambiente Italia 3D

The user interface consists of a series of windows and a set of tools that allow monitoring and setting of the flight.

Main features are:

  • loading of three-dimensional model of the Italian territory;
  • choice of orthophotos to be displayed on model (2000 – 2006);
  • dynamic overflight on the model for a realistic flight simulation, using the keyboard, mouse or joystick;
  • possibility  to move from one point in the model by performing a flight interpolated from its current location to the position corresponding to the chosen VIEW POINT;
  • opportunities through the click of the mouse on the model to consult two-dimensional vector maps for the overflight area;
  • Loading displaying services (WMS);
  • loading of vector data layers in shapefile format;
  • query of the loaded data layers (WMS or vector);
  • activation of the double display with ability to upload, on the same scene, both informative layers and base orthophoto different for the two displays;
  • Possibility to record movies of the flight in AVI format;

The minimum system requirements of the workstation to use 3D application are:

  • PCs running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista;
  • CPU: Pentium 3 / 1,0 GHz;
  • System Memory (RAM): 512 MB;
  • Hard Disk: 120 MB of free space;
  • Graphics card with 3D features, possibly with reserved memory (128 MB) and not integrated into the PC motherboard;
  • Monitor: 1024×768 resolution, 65,536 colors at 16 bits;

If the portion of the screen dedicated to the 3D map display lingers black or gray, you need to check if your video card supports 3D functionality through OpenGL and, if so, possibly update the drivers for your video card to obtain an update of those libraries too.

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Ambiente Italia 3D

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