• AdB-Toolbox

    The open source GIS application for viewing and processing spatial datasets

What is Adb-Toolbox

AdB-Toolbox is an open source GIS application (Geographical Information System) that can be used for viewing and processing spatial datasets. The application was developed as part of the National Geoportal (NG) and complemented by specific functionalities through the Cartographic Cooperating System (CCS), the Extraordinary Plan of Environmental Remote Sensing (EPRS-E) further developed within the project PON Security for Monitoring Environmental Impact due to Environmental Offences (PON – MIADRA).

The main characteristic of this software are the tools for accessing shared databases, it is possible to query local databases both vector and raster, but especially remote databases. The sharing is done according to the interoperability standard mechanisms (Open Geospatial Consortium – WMS, WFS and WCS). The software is a standard tool based on open source technologies and libraries. It is open, expandable, suitable for different user categories for analysis of different levels of complexity.

It was developed from the geographic analysis software, OpenJUMP, from which it differs in the ability to effectively manage raster layer (loading, display) and remote data access protocols (WMS, WFS and WCS), and which takes advantage of the opportunity to be enhanced with custom extensions.

The application, along with the typical GIS functions, makes available the following specific features, developed for the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, mainly dedicated to the land-use planning and analysis of remotely sensed data:

  • Hydrological Climate Atlas (AClim) that allows the generation of a series of layers on the thermal characteristics and precipitation in the area;
  • Geomorphologic analysis (AGeom) that allows the generation of a series of layers of information on the geomorphology of the area;
  • Hydrological analysis (HA) for the construction of hydrological analysis (hydrograph calculation of project);
  • Topographic analysis (A Topo); areas and volumes assessment, and for the generation of longitudinal outlines and cross sections;
  • Requirements for the Territory Security Measures (FIST) ” for defining, updating and management of the technical and administrative of needs framework for interventions Aimed at the territory security .
  • LIDAR ( St_LiDAR ) tools for LiDAR data processing and their derivatives;
  • DIFSAR for the analysis of the interferometric data, to promote the geomorphologic risk monitoring .
  • Raster Tools( StRas ) tools for processing raster data, conversions among the Grid Floating Point, ASCII, WKT, etc..formats
  • Hydraulic Analysis and Verification (AVI ) for the implementation of systems and methods for detecting and removing the effects of environment abuses and, specifically, of those to be connected to the increase in the level of flood risk or its triggering where not preexisting.
  • Reference Systems and Conversions (SRC) for the projection and the conversion of vector layers, raster and image using methods based on equations in three or seven parameters and high precision methods involving the use of one or more gratings format IGMI GR / GK (gr1 / gk1 and gr2 / GK2) or NTv2.
  • IDRA2d Hydraulic Subsystem ( IDRA2d H ) for the planar  hydraulic modeling , for the delimitation of flooding areas with evaluation of flow velocity and hydraulic tie rod , to promote the monitoring of flooding risk ( Directive 2007/60/EC requirements and D. Decree 49/2010 ) .
  • IDRA2d Debris Flow ( IDRA2d DF ) for the planar  hydraulic modeling of monophasic debris flows, to promote the monitoring of flood risk with a high content of transported sediments and debris flows ( Directive 2007/60/EC requirements and Legislative Decree 49/2010 ) .

The software and the related documentation are freely downloadable. For the installation of the software you need to enter the activation code you can get by logging to the “Generation of the activation code” upon registration at the National Geoportal.

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